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I've made this drive 3 times already and depending on what your driving depends on gas cost. If you fill up before you leave its 3 additional full tanks to Long Island 20hrs on avg because there's always one area of super bad traffic. We saved our stops for food/gas around meal times or in case of emergency but driving 75 seemed to be our choice of speed, 80 ...


If you need a (your) car at both ends, you might consider Amtrak's Auto Train, which gets your car and (I think) up to 4 people from Sanford FL (near Orlando) to Lorton VA (near Washington DC) overnight. Pricing is, according to a friend of mine who is doing that trip regularly, reasonable.


1) Cost depends on how many people are flying. For 4-5 people, it is far cheaper to drive. Flying a family of five is around $3000 on JetBlue depending on the season. Driving you have the cost of gas, meals and hotel (optional). Gas costs depend completely on your vehicle. My toyota sienna (fully gassed up in NY) required only two stops for gas. One in ...

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