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Is going via Australia or New Zealand not an option? Qantas 27 runs direct from Sydney to Santiago, Chile every other day, while LAN Chile 800 runs the same route daily with an intermediate stop in Auckland, NZ. There's also Air New Zealand 30 that flies from Auckland to Buenos Aires, Argentina, but it's Fri-Sun-Tues only.


I'm afraid you can stop hoping, because with current airplane technology, direct flights between East or Southeast Asia and South America are effectively impossible. The maximum practical range of today's best planes hovers around 8,000 nautical miles. The longest flight ever flown commercially anywhere was Singapore Airlines' Singapore-Newark service at ...


The only flight I know of along that route is on AeroMexico; Narita - Mexico City (AMX57), Mexico City - Lima (AMX48). That is a nearly 12 hour flight on the 787-800. Other than that, all other options are through either Canada / US; or the other way around from Europe / Middle East. For direct flights to South America; I only know of Emirates 261 and ...


I plugged "Mexico, anywhere" to "China, anywhere" for a random Friday in August into Skyscanner, and it only throws up one-stop connections - no direct flights. Ditto going to South Korea, India, Singapore. However, there is a single direct flight from Mexico City to Tokyo (14h on Aeromexico). On a Saturday, I can see a direct flight from Tijuana to ...

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