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Jetstar Bali to Perth is around 70.4 USD/52 Euro (plus hidden cost). Since I think Denpasar Bali International Airport is one of the nearest international Airport from Australia, I believe this price is the cheapest. Alternatively you can try AirAsia Bali to Perth, it cost around 77 USD at the same time(15 March)


Interesting question, though I don't see the relationship between not wearing shorts in temples and garbage outside. As @toy already commented, Singapore is the cleanest due to its strict litter laws. North Korea is probably also very clean, though that's not considered part of Southeast Asia. Japan is also quite litter-free, though also not part of ...


I'm not sure whether buying such tickets would be possible, but chances are that only 'full-cost' airlines will have such an option. For cheap flights, the best option by far within the South-East Asia region would be to fly with a budget airline. Wikivoyage has a list of discount airlines that operate in Asia. If you have even a slight amount of planning ...


On my last two trips I took the ferry between Japan and South Korea several times so found myself having to change money between JPY and KRW fairly often. In my experience, everything in Korea is cheaper than in Japan, and this includes currency exchange so I learned to always exchange in Korea if possible. But the difference is not very large. I don't ...


Air Asia flies from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast, and is usually the cheapest way to fly into Oz by a long shot. They also connect KL to Japan and Korea. (Usual LCC disclaimers apply: book well in advance and be prepared to fly at awkward times.) Jetstar also flies from Singapore to Darwin and Melbourne.

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