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Totally subjective impression: No, they are not cheaper. But people would pay more just for not paying taxes on something. That's true specially if you compare the price to the online price. They might though be cheaper than the high-street price for an item. An exception for cigarettes might apply too.


Limits are explicitly per person, as far as I've ever seen, not per bag. The customs officials might challenge your assertion that you each own one bottle, based on the fact that they're in the same bag, but you ought to be able to rebut the challenge. For example, if you have separate receipts for the items (especially if they were purchased with bank ...


In all cases I have gone through customs after a flight, I had time between collecting the case and walking though the customs check. So you will have time to get the bottle out of the case and stick it into your hand luggage or an extra bag.


If the duty-free liquid is in a sealed plastic bag, with the receipt clearly visible, and you do not open the bag, you should be fine: http://www.airfrance.us/US/en/common/guidevoyageur/pratique/bagage_transport_liquide_airfrance.htm On board your connecting flight departing from the European Union, you may transport duty-free liquids purchased at your ...


The CDG web page has a nice website for flight connections that also states whether you have to go though a security check. If that is the case, liquids will be problematic. http://easycdg.com/passenger-information/connecting-flight-connections-paris-cdg-airport/where-to-go/

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