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There are two options for ferries from Dubrovnik to KorĨula: You probably have found the time table from Jadrolinija. You are right that they currently don't run their ferry off-season, but only until end of September. But even until end of September, the ferry runs only twice a week, on Thursday and Sunday. October 1st is a Wednesday. The second ferry ...


According to a question at Trip Advisor there is a place called HG Spot. Though I don't know the language very well I was able to see that they have a lot of stuff in the webshop that would suggest they would also sell the chargers. HG Spot Dubrovnik, Put od svetog Mihajla 37b Tel. +385 20 420 565 If you are staying at a hostel or nicer hotel they ...


By bus Bus from Dubrovnik to Budva (3 hours) Bus from Budva to Ulcinj (1.5 hour) Bus from Ulchinj to Tirana (3.5 hours) By Ferry From Dubrovnik to Bari From Bari to Durres Bus from Durres to Tirana Or Just rent a car


Ferries in Europe are generally pretty reliable, however you aren't giving yourself much room for error. If you can take the ferry a day earlier, you would save yourself a lot of stress by not having to worry about making such a narrow window. But they usually depart/arrive on time, so you probably wouldn't have an issue. I found a forum about Croatian ...

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