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Turkish Airlines has a web page detailing their transfer procedures. In your case: International transfer passengers flight routes issued on single ticket continuing to a foreign destination with Turkish Airlines Passengers disembark with only their cabin baggage and proceed directly to the boarding gates without any flight or passport ...


I regularly fly short haul with ryanair and have never been on a flight where alcohol wasn't sold.


They do sell alcoholic beverages: http://www.ryanair.com/en/questions/what-snacks-and-drinks-are-available-onboard/


It's a long time I haven't flown with them but I would be surprised if they would not. Their regular flight menu obviously includes alcoholic drinks and I could not find any mention of any restriction for short flights anywhere. I can't see a reason why they would specifically exclude alcohol either. Unlike full-service airlines, who could welcome an excuse ...


You only need transit visas if you will be passing through immigration, sometimes you have to, such as when you need to change airports. You have minimal layover time at Dublin airport and I think you are not even changing terminal, in that case no need for any kind of visa. Also, a word of advise, it seems a code-share flight, so look out when you are ...


That is a good question, how governments tax international flights. They all tax a flight which departs or arrive in an airport of their country. So flying from Ireland to escape taxes is not illegal, since it would be the Ireland taxes that apply to your flight. However, these sales taxes make a little part of the "fees and taxes" that often take a large ...

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