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No. Not legally. Passport retention is against the law in UAE. Your passport is usually the property of the government that issued it (as mentioned in the small print in your passport, which usually contains words to that effect), and each passport holder is responsible for its safekeeping. Source (I'm aware that the source's page title refers to ...


I have returned from my trip and would like to share some of my insight. The other answers here are similar to what I experienced so I thought it would be useful to share additional information that I wish I had known before traveling. Note that I stayed in the Dubai Marina area which has many more Westerners than older parts of the city (such as Deira) and ...


I used http://kiwitaxi.com/UAE/Dubai+Airport and it was possible to pay in dollars. But I know all services in UAE are paid exclusively in their national currency Dirhams.


Since you are in the UAE, you'll have to pay in Dirhams, as that is the currency there. According to a couple of answers I found on worldnomads, that's the case. There's an ATM and an exchange desk in the airport but it seems the taxis also accept credit cards. Based on your previous question however, you should know there's a free shuttle service provided ...

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