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If it's checked luggage, there should be no issue. You're in transit, not entering the country. If you were entering the country, however, you'd need to be aware of the limit of 4 liters of alcoholic beverages as your limit of wine, according to the Emirates Customs website. This is also confirmed on the Dubai Airport website's page. If it's in your carry-...


You don't need a visa to transit Dubai if you do not need to leave the international transit area of the airport. In that respect it is like most of the world's airports. If you want to leave the airport and visit Dubai during your layover, you will need to apply for a visa in advance. You can do this by visiting Manage a booking on the Emirates web site ...


Just as a follow up: Absolutely no problems arriving or departing Tel Aviv. Security was a breeze - definitely the best, most efficient, and fastest security I have ever seen in an airport, and indeed the only airport where I would agree their security is appropriate. And I loved my visit there, spending time in Tel Aviv and Jaffa, and a superb day trip ...


In my experience, your brother may write a letter that he's going to provide for you and your sister during the trip, and that, together with his bank statement, ought to be enough. If he can show enough money in his bank statement, of course. You can clarify this with the embassy. This assumes that you're going to travel as a group.

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