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You need to apply for a visa in advance as Pakistan is not on the list of countries eligible for a visa on arrival. Four hours will not give you much time, as you'll have to pass through immigration and security. If your father does not live close to the airport, you might to arrange to meet him at the airport.


According to http://www.uae-embassy.org/visas-passports/non-us-citizens: 3- Transit Visa ( 96 hours ) The Embassy does not issue Transit Visa, You should contact the airline company that will fly you to the UAE and enquire from them about the possibility of traveling to the UAE without prior visa. This is from a section that applies to citizens of ...


I looked up an Emirates flight from Gatwick to Dubai on FlightRadar24 and came up with EK12. Seems they avoid Syria and Iraq and fly over Iran. http://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/ek12/#5ffa0b8 There is no guarantee it'll take the exact same route each day, but it should mostly be similar. In any case, you can browse a few days into the past to see ...


there are a few websites out there to check the exactly route an airplane takes. try http://www.flightradar24.com/ for example.


Apparently, its a transit & you don't need any visa at all for your return flight. Also, if your return stay is longer than 12 hours, the airline would provide you with a transit visa of 24 hours. (if you're traveling with Emirates. I'm not sure about other airlines).


If you are caught having sex in Dubai unmarried there is a high chance of jail time.

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