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Update 13 Sep 2014. It took one hour twenty minutes to get access to Boingo when the airport was less than half full. Boingo is a joke and the sooner Emirates ditch their contract the better. I have used DXB for 10 years and it has always worked OK. Since Boingo took over the operation it is crap.


The information that @Vagish posted is correct, but outdated. For your wife and kids, their visa eligibility depends on yours. The following positions are accepted for visa on arrival. These are the English translations, but in your visa the Arabic equivalent will be written: Aquatic Specialist Statistics Specialist Agricultural specialist (General) ...


You will need to apply for a visa. You can do this through a hotel or tour operator who works in the UAE, or a family member living there. Kuwait nationals don't need visas but Indians do. 33 Countries get visa on arrival and GCC nationals don't need to apply for a visa prior to arrival. Some GCC residents who are not nationals are also eligible for a 30 ...

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