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If no other rules (like you are a citizen) apply, then you can choose whichever passport is more convenient for you. If you have one Schengen and one non-Schengen passport it would make little sense to use the non-Schengen passport in Europe, unless you really like lines and forms.


Easy, just use both passports, as explained in detail here: Book your flights with details per passport 2. At check-in, show passport 2 to prove you can enter the US. At exit immigration, show passport 1. When entering the US, show passport 2. When checking in for return flight, show passport 2. If asked for visa to country 1, show passport 1. At entry ...


Yes, you can. The "two-month gap" rule between tourist visas was abolished for most nationalities (including NZ and UK) in 2012, which means that as long as your new passport has more than 6 months validity, you're welcome back. Even if they did still care, in practice, they're unlikely to be able to match your two passports together.


No you almost certainly can't. As explained in this question, eligibility for free healthcare in Ireland (and most other countries) is based on residency, not citizenship. You would need to obtain medical insurance to be covered for anything that happened to you in Ireland, and such coverage would not include pre-existing conditions. There are explicit ...

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