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The average European airport security is only marginally more patient than the TSA. That is to say, they are mini-dictators in their little realm. On top of that, they're paranoid, overworked and hated by all. It's not a productive mix. If they see this —and they will— they will inspect it. Some might buy that it's caffeine. Some wont. Nobody can tell you ...


Always carry: Labels Prescriptions Even if its in weird packets. I traveled quite a bit with herbal medicines that always raise issues: Powders Unmarked brownish/ olive/ sandy colored Pills in similar small plastic Herbal oils So, I carry: labels inside/ stuck on each little plastic sachet or bottle Detailed written Prescription from ...


I've carried on a container of white powder in the US and China, nobody has taken note of it. I've also carried multiple pounds of white powder still sealed in properly labeled manufactures packaging. That being said, I wouldn't bring a bag of powder, period. Put it in something more substantial!


I would avoid bringing samples of pure caffeine on aircraft because caffeine is somewhat toxic (1-10 g) and therefore is probably prohibited by flight regulations. Source: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/05/18/caffeine-powder-poses-deadly-risks-2/


Hard to tell. I do take a bunch of prescription drugs that I have consolidated into a single small zip lock bag for travel and that really looked fairly suspicious. No problems whatsoever in a 100+ domestic+international flights. Then again, your bag looks even more suspicious and a lot depends on how you may show up against expectations and profiles. This ...


That bag would show orange color on an x-ray machine which is the color for organic material (on most machines) and it would be very obvious even between layers of clothing which are also organic but would show a different shade(powder bag would be a very dark shade of orange). If I looked at your bag for a fraction of a second I would most likely pull it ...


It's possible that it might cause some concern given that it's unlabelled and white (that dodgy anthrax scare a few years back has done so much damage to air travel...sigh). However, most airports in Europe you just stroll through and don't have to get checked, quite often. If asked to declare, I'd be up front about it and mention it, rather than have them ...

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