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I was in Amsterdam 3 months ago, and I had no problem to buy and smoke weed in a coffeeshop and I was in several coffeeshops ;) I was also in Rotterdam and Den Haag and even there it wasn't a problem.


just walk into the coffee shop, you will know which ones will be selling weed it will be painfully obvious, go up to the counter and say 'alright mate can i have some kush and coffee' Sit down and he will bring it to you, pretty simple


What the law currently says is that "coffee shops" are only allowed to sell cannabis to people residing in the Netherlands (ingezetenencriterium) and can check that by asking a proof of registration from a Dutch municipality (together with a valid ID). This rule has replaced the "weed pass" concept, which has been abandoned, and is in principle valid ...


Where Is it Illegal to Import Poppy Seeds? This list is by no means comprehensive as regulations may vary over time. Singapore I would like to know if I am allowed to bring poppy seeds into Singapore for my baking business. Poppy seeds are classified as prohibited goods by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB). Any company or person who wishes ...


Opposite to @jpatokal answer, I'd say that you can do it safely on Iquitos-Perú, where a lot of people often go to do this "ceremonies" and there are a lot of places that offers this service, for example this. The price is around 100$ per person per day (It's a pack that goes from 2 days to 8 days, depending on where you go to do it). For further ...


Your best bet would likely be to go to Brazil and join a church ceremony. Ayahuasca is legal there for religious use, and there are several well-established churches that use it regularly with a track record of not killing their members, most notably Santo Daime and União do Vegetal. Church ceremonies (and the effects of ayahuasca) can last up to 12 hours, ...

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