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Drug are not universally forbidden. Any drug that is normally controlled in the country you're going to is only allowed in if you meet the controls. Some human medicine is sold "over the counter" (that is, without controls) - aspirin, for example. You can freely bring that into another country where it is also sold freely. Others are controlled in some way - ...


It is a movie ... BUT ... seriously. If you need to travel with medicine, for human or animals (if you travel with your pet), you should always have the doctor (veterinarian) prescription with you, always carry the drugs in their original containers.


The general advice when bringing medication is bring it in the original packaging. In the case of the prescription this includes the sticker with your name, doctor's name, date etc. Never just bring two or three loose pills in some other container if you have a copy of the prescription, or your receipt with your name, bring that too if the item doesn't ...

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