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Truck stop is also Homeland Security, they aren't just looking for overloaded trucks. Be smart, pull thru the weigh station and save yourself a roadside inspection 10 miles down the road.


As other posters have said, failure to show up for your traffic infraction is a misdemeanor which will not prevent your entry into the United States. That said, there most likely is a bench warrant issued for your appearance in court in California and they will arrest you in California. This will not cause you problems getting a license in Florida unless ...


Step 1: Talk to a real life lawyer. They will need more exact information than you provide here, so see other steps noted below for how to get that info so you don't waste your/their time. Reasons: You may have been charged with criminal speeding, or you may (and this is relatively likely) have a warrant for you for failure to appear, contempt of court, ...


You would not be arrested by the U. S. Customs and Border Protection inspectors... No Federal statute authorizes an arrest by a Federal law enforcement officer based on an outstanding state warrant. Federal officers making such an arrest are arresting either as a peace officer or a citizen depending on the law of the state in which the arrest is ...


TL;DR: Probably not, but I still wouldn't risk it A speeding ticket is a traffic infraction and not a criminal offence; however, failing to show up for your court date is a misdemeanor and you have likely been issued with a bench warrant. These are state-level warrants and most states do not extradite for misdemeanors, since that would require California ...


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