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In mainland Europe the rule is actually occupy the free rightmost lane unless when overtaking. In other words, the leftmost lane should be used exclusively for overtaking and not to cruise in. Indeed doing so is an offence and could result in a fine regardless of whether you are driving at the speed limit and nobody can legally overtake you. It follows ...


In general, no. Germany e.g. changed the law from the necessity to drive right at all times to allow staying in a lane if and only if there are vehicles on the right side for approximately every 20 seconds. If the road is empty, you are obliged to drive right. No exceptions. It depends on culture, but e.g. in Germany it is not your business to dictate ...


If you are going "the speed-limit", in almost every location I've ever lived in the US, you are the slowest person on the road. If you are the slowest person you aren't passing. If you aren't passing and you are on the left, then you are breaking the law (where applicable). If you are going above the speed limit, and other cars are stuck behind you then, ...


As the other answers have already pointed out, the laws vary greatly from one country to another. Here in Spain you would be fined and I think that you will also lose points in your driver license. I would like to point out that here overtaking over the speed limit is not illegal. In fact, you can go faster than the speed limit when overtaking (by 20 km/h) ...


Here in Ireland you will receive a fine and licence points, if you drive in the overtaking lanes but are not overtaking, regardless of your speed. Overtaking lane is any lane, other than the left most lane.


It takes about 40 hours by bus. that's according to the schedule of omnilneas I would recommend to break the journey into several pieces, there are lots of things to see on the way.

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