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Check this link http://boi.gov.in/content/indian-passengers If I read it correctly a PAN card should be sufficient


The IDP is only valid together with a regular driver's license. It might be necessary or not but it does not replace the original license. In Florida, it's actually not necessary to have an IDP anymore. So the real question is wether your original license is recognized in the relevant jurisdiction. Apparently, all licenses from countries party to the 1949 ...


I talked to this indian chick who i met during college who later got a job working within the states. she didn't have an international license and needed to pass a test in order to drive in the united states. regards, anecdote.


A quick google led me to this webpage. It says you need to check the driving rules for the states you are going to, but it also says you should get an International Driving Permit before you arrive. I got one of these before I went to the US to study for a year, but I am pretty sure my parents didn't bother when they came to the US and hired a car. That ...


I actually successfully did this only a few months ago. It was actually by accident, we had an issue because my friend who has a full license didn't have a credit car - meaning we couldn't get the car in his name (credit card needs to be in drivers name). We tried my UK license and we got away with it, it was only because the girl was completely oblivious to ...

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