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You can ride anything you want in Costa Rica. It's far different from the United States. I have a Honda 650 xRank. I've been here 1 and 1/2 years, and been pulled over a number of times. Just show them a passport. Police here are very understanding and cool.


I am not a lawyer. That being said, if your friend is a legal driver in India, and has an Indian driver's license, is over 18, and was driving the type of vehicle she is licensed to drive, then India is listed in Appendix C. She should have been a legal driver in Massachusetts. If there was no other infraction noted on the ticket, other than not having a ...


A traffic ticket lawyer is probably the best bet. They can be in court for you if they have to be. The fees are often not actually too much but it may still be more expensive than just paying the fine. http://www.avvo.com/speeding-traffic-ticket-lawyer/ma.html You may also request a court date, once assigned write a letter to the prosecuting attorney and ...


I just phoned ICBC. You can drive with an N. You need to sometimes provide your drivers abstract as they are not familiar with N licenses in the states and what they mean. Some companies will allow you to rent a car, others will be unsure and deny. Legally, you can drive with an N, but still must display your sign and follow all restrictions.

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