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I can say that the risk of Zika is everywhere but since I am Dominican and I have family back in the island I can tell you that, I haven't heard of any one with the case is Zika. So, I would say go and enjoy and buy repellent. I actually buy this one for my clothing.


I wouldn't go if I was female and planning on having a baby, ever Until more information is known, I would not go. Here is the current CDC advisory for the DR. It does not list Zika. Zika is there though. Here is the current CDC advisory for the Caribbean which DOES list Zika. Here is the CDC Zika Website. If you are a female and plan on having ...


Right now the Canadian travel advisory warns of the Zika virus in the Dominican Republic, as does the UK. They're recommending "special precaution", which isn't the highest alertness level, but enough to be taken into consideration, here's what they say (emphasis mine) It is recommended that pregnant women and those considering becoming pregnant ...

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