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I would not only recommend sunglasses, but also suncream and clothes that protect you from the sunlight. UV radiation is generally lower during the winter months, but snow reflection can double your overall exposure, especially at high altitude.


Depending on where exactly you´re going to hike, a normal sunglas can be not even enough. If you´re hiking on snow or especially glaciers, it is absolutely necessary to have snow goggles. The snow and ice reflects the light very strongly and you could damage your eyes severly if you go there without protection. To quote from Wikipedia: Mountain climbing ...


Zero. Parking's free year 'round!


I cannot say for sure, because I have not been in this particular place, but... There is a restaurant at Passo Giau, so chances are, that the parking place may be free. If not, I think the fee should be around 3 € - that was the price at Passo Sella.

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