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Legally speaking, no, you can't. The Republic of Cyprus's (ROC) position on this is clear: the Turkish occupation of the northern half of the island is illegal, and they do not recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus's (TRNC) authority. Therefore, if you enter Cyprus via the TRNC, you are an illegal immigrant as far as the ROC is concerned and ...


Visiting Transnistria should not be a problem, both with entering it and leaving it from Ukraine and Moldova. Transnistria controls the territory, and Moldova considers the territory its own part. This effectively means that Transnistria-Ukraine border is not controlled by Moldova even though Moldova treats tourists as visiting their territory. On the ...


The only legal way to enter Abkhazia is from the territory of Zugdidi Municipality. No other way! Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs states, that in all other cases you will inevitably violate the law and fall under criminal resonsibility by Georgian laws.


A few years ago, I visited both (on a Dutch passport). I traveled from the Ukraine, through Transnistria, to Moldova, by train. I got off the train in Moldova, then traveled to Transnistria, went through some formalities at the 'border' and returned to Moldova before traveling onwards. If I remember correctly, getting off the train in Transnistria, from the ...

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