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Yes. It's obviously natural and logic way to do. If you have women-only dorms, you risk being not able to take extra backpacker even when you technically have free places (if they happen to be in female dorm and the backpacker is male) so they actually costs you more. You don't want to have a lot of female-only dorms so you want to discourage girls from ...


I think you looked at the first page only. The first question on the second page of the form you linked to is Name and nationality of mother.


I think this is quite common in some Asia countries. For example here in Thailand it is the same, even though my parents are now long dead I have to list them on various forms. In the case of India I think they love bureaucracy, it is an old habit and keeps lots of people in jobs I guess. Blame it on the Brits I suppose, though overall I think they helped.

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