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If you were willing to pay approx. 8–9 euros for lunch, there would be lots of good options. For example: Satkar Kamppi (Nepalese restaurant, tripadvisor, home page): vegetarian options in the lunch menu for 8.40 euros. Note that the quoted prices in the lunch menus are precisely what you will pay (assuming you drink water). There are no additional taxes ...


Certainly in the UK there are many coffee shops which can provide lactose free lattes. The most common is the use of Soya milk instead of real milk. So this includes Starbucks in many countries, but also smaller coffee chains, and some local coffee houses.


Usmania International Restaurant Usmania is a Pakistani restaurant expressing authentic Pakistani taste in both its interior and food. The menu features about a hundred dishes, ranging from whole wheat bread, lamb, beef or chicken, but does not offer any pork dishes or alcoholic beverages, which are prohibited by the Koran. Inside the ...


First of all, globally speaking, lactose tolerance is the deviation and not lactose intolerance. Just about one fourth of the world's population keep the ability to digest lactose after growing up/breast feeding, an ability achieved through genetic selection and most prominent in the cattle keeping population of northern Europe. In Sweden, only 2% of the ...


In addition to @RoryAlsop's answer Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts provide lattes and other caffeinated drinks with Soy Milk in the US. Most of the smaller coffee shops in the US do too.

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