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In the UK, there are a wide variety of non dairy "milks" for sale, and all chain coffee shops offer soy. There are also lactose free dairy milks in stores. Unsure about the other countries in the list, but would anticipate major supermarkets stocking it


Yes, I've seen it (and various other non-diary milks) in markets (even smallish ones) in the UK, the Netherlands, and France — coincidentally, because I don't actually drink soy milk. So I'm thinking if it's so common that I remember seeing it even though I don't look for it, it must be fairly common. It may be useful to take a list with you of ...


In all the countries you have listed, soy milk is easy enough to find; most supermarkets will sell it. In France, you should be able to find it in Super U, Auchan, and Carrefour, and maybe in some Aldi and Lidl too if they're big enough. In Switzerland, I got many links to Reform Haus; you can find those in most of the northern part of the country. In ...


In Germany and Austria you can buy soy milk in most supermarkets. If you are interested in a broader selection of soy and tofu products you will find a Reformhaus in every larger city. These supermarkets are specialized on food with special ingredients.


It's common in Italy, too. Most supermarkets have it. You may have more trouble in restaurants and bars (although there are many places where you can get dairy-free Cappuccino); remember to specify your dietary restriction when you eat at restaurants.


In Germany, even discounters like Aldi have soy milk and some other soy products. However, if you want more soy products than just soy milk, it's probably better to go to a supermarket like Rewe, Edeka or Kaufland. The supermarkets provide other plant based milk (e.g. milk from rice, oats or almonds), too.


This is the survival vegan tip I learnt on my travels: whenever you arrive to a country where normal supermarkets don't have soy milk (which is rare, most of them do), go to an Asian supermarket or try to find an asian neighbourhood (chinese, vietnamese, etc) and you'll get those things there. Sometimes soy milk will necessarily have sugar (ough!) like in ...


I don't think I've been to a major grocery store in Europe that didn't have soy milk. (And rice milk, and almond milk, and...) Kind of surprised me, actually.

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