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I have requested many times vegan/vegetarian meals. Normally they are pretty well organized and you won't have to ask for the meal. My strategy is just to wait and if I am given the normal food, then I politely remind them I have a special arrangement. In hundred of flights, this has only happened maybe 1 or 2 times. In most airlines, they will deliver the ...


A full list of special meals types is available on wikipedia. Not every one is available on every airline, for example here is Etihad's selection. There are quite a number of meal types that are vegetarian, so you don't have to restrict yourself to just the normal VLML, and might want to try one of the others for a change: VGML - Vegetarian Meal (usually ...


I'm a vegetarian and in every int'l flight I've ever been on, they hand out the special-diet meals first. It's an extra perk. On my last flight the woman next to me asked why mine was first then figured she'd do the same next time she flew...just to get her food faster :)


In addition to this post I also recommend you confirming this when collecting your boarding pass. I once flew with a diabetic mate of mine and despite instructions when booking and confirming again with their customer care, his request for a vegetarian meal was not honored in Delta Airlines. Flying from Dallas ...


It's best to take some extra food with you. There may be problems with the food they serve, or it may not be enough. I always do this because I eat way more than average while on planes they serve minuscule amounts of food. On the plane I'll eat whatever is served first, keeping the food I've brought with me as reserve for later.


Happy-cow let's you find vegetarian, vegan and veg-friendly places in Paris and a lot more cities. It shows the results in a map (allowing some interesting options as choosing just those places that are currently open) and a list ordered by distance/rating/price or some other criteria. It also allows you to post reviews, making it easier to choose when ...


I request a vegetarian meal for every flight and I highly recommend to make the request by phone. This seems to be the most effective method of ensuring you will actually get a vegetarian meal. When ordering the meal on the airline website, it has happened to me before that my order got lost and I did not get my meal. Simply look up the customer service ...


According to La Fourchette, which is a website where you can find all the restaurants in France, the only Vegan restaurant in the 5th arrondissement of Paris is "Le Puits de L├ęgumes". I leave it to you to use La Fourchette to find others! Around the 5th, you have the 6th, the 4th and the 13th arrondissements.

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