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When you arrive to Denmark and before making any contract with any company just buy SIM card from Lebara for 10 danish kroner it is about 2 us$ that gives you a phone number and a credit for 10 us$. You can use it and recharge it, it is not binding, no contract no headache, after while when you are in the country you can research for monthly contract offers ...


According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, India is a party to the Apostille convention. You would therefore need to receive an apostille at the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs before submitting your documents.


It depends on what you consider 'special skills'. With some excercise, paddling should be feasible for most people. For the English Channel, you can easily find operators and boat charterers offering planning support or equipment rent: http://www.fullthrottleboatcharters.com/kayak-across-english-channel/ Crossing the Øresund may not be much more than 5km ...


As of July 2014, bicycles were not allowed on the Øresund Bridge. Check back in 55 years: It's currently forbidden to cycle across the Öresund bridge, a part-bridge, part-tunnel connection between Malmö and Copenhagen, which was made famous by the hit television show The Bridge. But if new proposals by Sweden-based construction company Skanska and ...

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