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I found this and this. So, I think these are the best prices you can get in Denmark with a subscription. Though, the prices maytham-ɯɐɥʇʎɐɯ has mentioned for CBB are pretty good. I just cannot find them anywhere.


Yes, a residence permit from one Schengen country implicitly gives you the rights to travel within/through the rest of the Schengen area much as if you had a multiple-entry short-stay visa. You have to comply with the usual 90/180 day rule for days you're in a Schengen country that is not Denmark, but enforcement of this is mostly by the honor system since ...


I am not sure which sites you have tried, but if you buy your ticket directly from the Danish Railways, you seem to get everything you want: If you order a seat reservation, you can also select exactly which seat you want. You will be shown a drawing of the carriage, so that you can see where the tables are and which seats are free. You can have the ticket ...

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