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Yes, absolutely! The US has no exit immigration control (domestic and international flights use the same gates), so everyone Needs to clear immigration and customs and then departures security. This means you'll Need a C-1 (Transit) visa.


KLM serves as Delta's representative for customer service in Europe, same as Delta does for KLM in the USA. So KLM will be your contact for this claim, contacting Delta will not really influence the processing time. You might call KLM baggage office (you can call the reservation phone number to get the correct direct number) and ask for the claim number / ...


It is sometimes possible to transfer airline miles from one programme to another, but is rarely a good idea. Typically it involves transferring to another programme such as a hotel chain and then from that to the other airline. There is a form on webflyer showing how this is done, though I'm not sure how up to date it is. For example you can convert 10000 ...


I've done a lot of flying back and forth to Seattle from the UK for the last few years. My corporate policy is also economy. I've flown on Delta, BA and AA for all or parts of LON-SEA and back. Since you're going to be doing this a fair amount, my recommendation is to get status in one alliance and stick to it. The good thing about DL is that with status ...

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