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According to Delta's Baggage page you can check the child seat at curbside and doesn't count as standard baggage allowance. For JetBlue it's the same thing. If the child doesn't fly with you it will count as baggage allowance in a standard way. They definitely won't let you bring it aboard the aircraft but they may not even let you bring it through ...


According to Delta, for eCerts: Delta eCerts Credit Voucher must be redeemed and ticket issued by the date above. Extensions are not permitted. So, the date shown is the last date in which you can issue the ticket, not the date to end the travel.


Within US and Canada its $25, and they don't mention specifically that its only from the US to Canada, so I would assume that its both ways. To the best of my knowledge flights to/from Canada are considered "domestic" for all terms and purposes, so I see no reason why the luggage would be an exception.


As a general rule, you should join the mileage program for the airline that you want to fly when you redeem your miles. While it is possible to redeem miles on partner airlines, there are several disadvantages: Availability is typically much more limited when trying redeem miles on partner flights. Also, it's often impossible to check availability on ...


Yes, it's entirely possible, and since Delta and Korean are both in Skyteam the itinerary is quite feasible. However... Tickets like these are usually impossible to book online, you will need to book this directly with the airline or a travel agent. (Update: There are exceptions, and Delta appears to be one of them!) While price difference between ...


Let me share my actual experience. I flew with Delta two days ago. I had a small backpack, and a booster seat (I didn't bring another bag). I flew alone. They allowed me check in the booster seat for free, and told me that it would have been free if I had another carry-on bag. It might be that the person was just good, but it seems that they give ...


Medallion Qualification Miles refers to the miles required to obtain/keep status. The 'Bonus Miles' are simply standard miles, which can be used to book "free" flights, but which do NOT count towards your status. Simple as that, really...


From the SkyTeam site: Redeem miles As a member of a SkyTeam Member airline’s frequent flyer program you can easily redeem your Miles for an award ticket on any SkyTeam-operated flight worldwide. The miles required will be set by Korean Airlines, along with any fees/taxes, but I think you'll only be able to book onto Delta flights with spare ...


You do still receive the 50% MQM bonus on top of the minimum 500 miles, resulting in 750 MQMs earned for the flight. So, the formula is: maximum (500, distance flown) * 1.5 Here's how my flight from yesterday (May 19, 2015) was credited: For reference, BNA->ATL is only 214 miles. So, they did apply the 500 mile minimum first and then apply the 50% ...


Just to post a followup. After a lot of emailing back and forth (with some totally unacceptable language being used on their part), the travel agent said they had been trying to make contact with Delta to resolve the matter and were unable to do so but they would honor the tickets on their end. Happy days.


From a paper voucher .... Redemption/Transferability: Voucher is non-transferable unless assigned to someone traveling with the original voucher owner on the same reservation at the time the voucher is being redeemed. In other words it can be applied to your daughter's airfare, as long as she is traveling on the same reservation as you are.


"within US and Canada" -> not crossing the border, so your departure and destination are in the same country (say Atlanta to Buffalo, NY) "U.S./Canada and Caribbean" -> departure and destination in different countries (so say New York to Montreal).


My experience with Jet Blue that first baggage is free plus they allow to check in a car seat and also a carriage they even let you walk with the baby in the carriage till the flight for your convenience and over there they take it over and you getting it back right when exiting flight. All The Best!

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