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BA are good at rebooking especially from North America. If you need to travel today I would examine the alternatives, find some combination of flights you'd be happy with (without regard for the price) and then telephone BA with your preferences in hand. They should accommodate you for free, but you will waive your right to compensation if you agree to a ...


Yes, this case is covered under EU passenger rights, as British Airways is based in the EU: Secondly, you also have rights in case things go wrong. This concerns delays, cancellations and overbooking that prevent you from boarding and applies if you are: departing from any airport situated in the EU, or arriving in the EU with an EU carrier or ...


Very sad story with your husband. It is common problem of delayed flights of developed Asian countries and daily many flights delayed due to one or other problem. So i think you can file case against this flight company according to flight rules of India.

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