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If you were to claim any damages, who would you blame? The airline doesn't control the passport systems. The delay for departure may have to do with incoming aircraft, which may have been delayed due to weather (again, not an airline problem). The airline offered you a quicker alternate (your choice); which got you to your destination along with your ...


As airline horror stories go, this one is pretty mild. You arrived at your destination city only a few hours late, with luggage. Moreover (and this is the important point) the reason for all this delay was completely outside the airline's control. They don't control the passport line, or the computer systems. They don't owe you anything, any more than if ...


Sorry, but no. If you have travel insurance they may cover any additional costs you've had - check your policy. Next time, book a longer connection.


I recently came across a site that supposedly automates this whole process ( ). The article at implies that they gather data in an automated way from public data sources about the flight, so it's very hard to argue with it, and they send legally-correct notices to the airline. You ...

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