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I think there are two separate issues here. The carrier that will make sure you will get from B-C will be the airline that operates that flight. They will most likely reschedule you onto the next flight to destination C (unless rerouting you through city D is an option). The second issue is who will make sure you are fed and watered. From my personal ...


If it's an interline itinerary, the airline responsible for the misconnect is mostly responsible for rebooking you. However, that is not your only option. The issuing airline can still rebook you. For instance, if you booked with American Airlines (AA) and AA issued the ticket and you have status with AA, you might have a better result calling them even ...


According to FlightAware, the flight departed at 2:44PM and arrived at 4:31PM. It was scheduled to depart at 10:55AM and land at 10:31AM.


If you are in the situation, train staff not helpful, late at night, no trains to get you anywhere, buses stopped for the night and only taxis to get you where you need to go, you have three options. Take a taxi (or call for one if you need to.) Stay in/near the station till the service starts again. Call a friend or relative to come and collect you. Call ...

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