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Notification emails issued from the British Consulate General in New York contain the shipping tracking number in the email title. You can use this number to enquire after the current state of your passport.


You can look at a related question which has already discussed issues related to compensation and specifically with Frontier Airline: Can you be legally bumped or taken off a flight AFTER boarding? Having mentioned that. As have already been mentioned in that question the policies related to flight delays or cancellations are set by airline alone: ...


Hopefully you can get the mistaken identity fixed before your trip. Here's what you should do if it isn't fixed. Tell your bus driver that you may take extra time to process. Sit near the front of the bus. The driver will make sure you're one of the first people in line, so you'll minimize the delay on the schedule. Don't stress too much about being left ...


Actually there is a simple thing you can do - get yourself a NEXUS card. As it says, it "allows pre-screened travelers expedited processing when entering the United States and Canada". While part of the expediting means you can use dedicated lanes at borders, a NEXUS card also shows border guards that you have already been cleared, and is evidence that you ...

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