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3 hours should be fine, especially if you're flying on a major airline, since they fly domestic flights out of the same terminal as international flights (T3). Only LCCs (SpiceJet, Indigo, GoAir) use T1. If you do need to transfer, figure on 1 hour for customs and immigration, and assume you need to check in one hour early, which leaves you an hour -- ...


I had the same situation, flying to Delhi, and visiting Nepal before returning to Delhi. The embassy can issue a special waiver of the "no returns within two months" rule. Personally I was on a multiple entry business visa, but I forgot to get the special waiver. Nobody said anything when I returned after a weekend in Nepal, but I wouldn't count on it.


UPDATE It seems that the requirement of a minimum stay outside of India for 2 months has been lifted on 4th Dec 2012: http://in.vfsglobal.co.uk/news.html This is for information that restriction of TWO months gap between two visits has been removed by the Government of India from 4th Dec 2012. This stipulation of two months gap does not apply on any ...


There is a long thread over on Thorn Tree about the same question. While there are lots of different opinions, it seems that if both flights are from Terminal 3, you don't need to go through immigration and don't need a transit or other visa at all. Here's a quote from one of the posts: Please note, both your flights will arrive and depart from the new ...


The T3 Terminal is open throughout the night and you should easily be able to move around anywhere publicly accessible inside it. If you have a visa, you can just as easily go out. Since you mentioned you have a domestic flight, I'll assume you do have a visa. Unfortunately though, there is a lot of hustle and bustle due to international flight departures in ...


Visa requirements depend on your nationality. For some citizens, a tourist visa can be obtained upon arrival. But I wouldn't rely solely on the information in the previous link. Read, for example, this. Meanwhile, many (all?) of India's consulates now have outsourced visa application procedures to third parties, meaning that there doesn't seem to be much ...


The Guide to Sleeping in Airports has an entry on DEL.


For a transit time of less than 24 hours, a transit visa is NOT required when going via Delhi Indira Gandhi International airport, as long as your clients remain airside.


SAMS SNOOZE AT MY SPACE may be what you are looking for. Be advised though. IGI Airport like all airports in India restricts passenger movement. Some areas are strictly meant for international transfers only. Also, check out IGI's Aiport Hotel.

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