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T-Mobile has a unlimited-data-in-120+-countries plan that should cover all your countries. I have that plan since two years, and it worked smoothless (and cost-free) in India, Russia, all of Western Europe, Czechia, the Carribean, Mexico, Canada and the US. Note that some countries or areas do not have 4G/LTE, and no matter what you buy or do, you will not ...


I tried it in my recent trip to Seoul. You can buy the SIM card from KT olleh and use it for tethering. I asked the staff at counter if I can use tethering, and she kindly replied "Yes". And now I'm writing this answer on my MacBook via tethering. It's 4G/LTE, unlimited, and likely no speed cap or restriction, but for me it seems a bit slow, but OK. By ...


You can rent a so called "egg" from various website like and it provides wifi hotspot, then you can use your cell phone connect to it and use apps like google map. I rented for less than $10 per day, and the data is unlimited. Speed is decent too.

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