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The Daintree is a prehistoric rainforest that could be considered a natural wonder of the world. However... It has not been set up to be very tourist-friendly. To get through the rainforest itself, you pretty much need to be on a tour or staying at one of the lodges because the national park itself has not been developed like many others of Australia's - ...


Crocodylus Village is a decent hostel near the Daintree Rainforest and Daintree River. Has laundry facilities. Price range on 4/5/2012: A$25-95


About five years ago I hired a car from Cairns and drove to the Daintree as you suggest. It is easy and scenic drive. A ferry crossing is included. This way you can find your own accommodation and easily get around if you want to hike, day-trip to the reef and generally explore. I have not investigated public transport; there might be a bus service. You ...

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