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It really depends on which part of the city you will be staying in. There are many old, single screen theatres in Mumbai, specially in the south part of the city, which is locally called 'Town'. I would suggest that you try one of the following: Regal Cinema: Eros New Excelsior Liberty


There's a difference between pre-islamic and pre-revolutionary. As a rule of thumb, pre-islamic art is uncensored, pre-revolutionary (but islamic) is censored, often heavily. (I noticed part of your question I didn't see before, perhaps because you updated it.) During the early years of the revolution, there was a lot of religious zeal that saw some ...


In western Europe, the practice of shaking hands is common, with anyone you meet, including your doctor. Recent research shows that there is very low risk to that; if you seriously want to avoid getting infection, you should adopt the East-Asian pratice of wearing face masks in public.

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