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Japan is pretty well-known throughout the world for its bowing culture. If you are in a semi-crowded place, you are almost guaranteed to see numerous people bowing at each other as they greet or say goodbye, so just mimic them. A slight bow works - I would recommend ignoring any articles on the internet that over-stress the complexity or the importance of ...


As long as you are polite for western standards it is usually fine. Handshake is OK although not common among Japanese people. Some Japanese businessman go ahead with handshakes when greeting foreigners, though. Hugs, kisses and other close contact, must be avoided and never ever tried. Slight bow while shaking hands would be just perfect.


They are basically prayer flags, an offering to the spirits to bless & protect the house and keep evil out. Unfortunately I can not remember their Tibetan name at the moment (but will add it later if I remember).


Sort of, depending on what you're expecting. There aren't many (any?) natural hot springs within day trip distance of Sydney. To get to natural hot water supplies, you'll have to travel to above the Artesian Basin (six hours drive one-way) or more further afield. However spa resorts and day spas have become a big thing in Australia, from the truly ...

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