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It depends really on what you're looking for quality wise really. If your travelling on a budget I would recommend Generator hostels. Clean, tidy and really nice people. They tend to keep things under control so no crazy parties in the hallways. The Hostels are placed all over London. Mid pricing you'd probably do well around the Kings Cross area in ...


I can tell you about the ones in Istanbul. Hodjapasha is working on daily basis and I find it very serious and real. Or if you are in town on Sundays you can check the one at Galata Mevlevihanesi, at the end of the Istiklal Street close to the Tunnel station. Besides that I totally agree that best option is in Konya but still the people doing it in ...


Japanese style would be to make eye contact bow, and then exchange a business card. This won't be expected from a westerner. Also you might dress up a little better than you would back home.


From my experience the best way for a tourist is to wave a hand and say "Hello". Many Japanese are interested in practicing their english so it may be a good and easy way to start a conversation with a stranger. For "westernized" Japanese, business or being introduced to a Japanese by a friend (including women) a handshake is ok and no more.

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