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Qualifier: I live in Japan and have used those ATMs thousands of times. ATMs at banks here (usually not the ones at convenience stores) accept cash deposits. And by cash I don't mean you put the money in an envelope and tell the machine how much is there, I mean you put the money into the tray and the machine counts it and tells YOU how much is there. Yes, ...


The German children’s show die Sendung mit der Maus once talked about that. Their explanation was: Weil da 0 arbeiten und 0 wohnen. Because 0 work there and 0 live there. I am aware that the explanation is a little sketchy but it was broadcasted on national TV so …


It's an outhouse Flushing toilets are marked WC Non flushing toilets like outhouses, porta pottys and shitholes in general are marked as 00

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