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As long as you don't leave the airport airside, you shouldn't need a visa for Russia. I've had (a few years ago) a 6 hour or so wait at SVO, and didn't need one. you're just a transfer passenger, and are herded from arrival to departure via a special queue (a slow one, took us like 3 hours waiting, there were literally like a thousand people waiting there ...


This doesn't exist. Per Wikivoyage Internet cafes can be found at ETESCA (the state telephone company) offices, in Hotel Habana Libre, Hotel Inglatera (cheapest but slowest), Hotel Nacional and at the Capitolio. The Wikipedia article on ETECSA: The cost of Internet access is CUC$4.50 per hour (or CUC$0.60 for domestic intranet access and CUC$1.50 ...

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