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Like any medical specialists, in any country, advance booking is likely a necessity. You could walk in but if they're busy or on leave, you wouldn't be able to see anyone. So I'd recommend contacting a few in advance. This is relatively easy to do online: The Frank Pais Orthopedic Hospital in Havana (I saw this when I went through the city in July) has ...


Well, yes it sounds weird because it is weird. The 50 CUC on "Kometa" is round trip (see here) that includes a transfer from bus station to Port as far as I can tell but as mentioned on the page: "expect a lousy ride". On the bus that is. The flights are available too. Served by Cubana for $82/pp round trip. So it's up to you what you would like to do. ...


india to Cuba, Best route ans cheapest will be from Delhi to Moscow and then Moscow to Havana by Aeroflot Airline.

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