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If you plan to leave the ship then you need a visa. If you stay on the ship, you may not need one. But best to ask the cruise line, as they may require all passengers to have documentation to visit all ports of call even if you don't plan on going ashore.


Yes, you need to apply for a Canadian visa. The length of the stay does not matter. Do I need a Canadian visa if I have a United States visa? Yes, you will still need a Canadian visa (temporary resident visa) to enter Canada. A visa from the United States does not permit entry to Canada. If you are a permanent resident of the United States ...


It would also benefit you to join a cruise lines loyalty program. I am a member of Royal Caribbean and always have gotten better pricing than online. I have also booked some cruises a few days before and gotten great deals, depending on how full the ship is. Just like hotels, the closest to the sail date, open rooms, equal rate drops.


Yes, you will need a visa if you get off the boat. There are different cases though, and the UK government offers some questionnaire to help you. You do not get off the boat If you do not get off the boat, or to be precise if you do not cross the UK border control, then you do not need a visa, according to the UK government website. You get off the boat, ...

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