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The train station is located in terminal 3. From terminal 1 you can take a free shuttle bus to terminal 3. There is a direct train to Odense every hour. Otherwise you can take one of the frequent trains to Copenhagen central station and change there for a train bound to Odense. The journey lasts a bit less than two hours. Tickets can be bought at the ...


That depends on where you need to go for the meeting. If it's somewhere on the metro line, you can expect to be on the metro - with a paid ticket - within 30 min of touchdown, and in central Copenhagen within 20 min after that. If it's not on the metro line, but still close to the city, you can add 10-15 minutes. As long as it's central Copenhagen, it's ...


According to Googla Maps, there is a bicycle rental shop little bit far from the airport, the address is: Bikify Holmbladsgade 27 2300 København Denmark The distance is around 6km, you can take the bus that will drop you there faster, or you can walk and make it in 1hr. This is the full route in Google maps. Screenshot from Google Maps ...


I travel from or through Copenhagen frequently, and have never noticed this service. In fact, I have never seen it in any Scandinavian airport, so I would go on a limb and say no.


I would think you have two options: Get a porter to take you baggage from the conveyor to the train. Here is an example of a service that does this. The train station is inside the airport so it's not bad. Then get a taxi at the other end, and maybe a station porter to help you. Get an airport porter to the taxi rank (the service linked to above will do ...


Walking time is estimated to be about 15min (see overview+timing map and detailed T2/3 map) and suggested transfer times are about 45min (official times). SAS has a page giving info on 'from the US to Copenhagen and onwards' which states arriving at T3 there will be screens showing transfer options and times to T1.


Assuming you have to recheck luggage (if you have a single ticket, check with Icelandair before you do anything rash!) it will be cutting it rather close. It will probably take at least 20 minutes until your bag is on the carousel, longer than that in busy periods. The baggage reclaim is in Terminal 3 for all international arrivals, and you then have to ...

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