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Bus it, Man Rome2rio says there are three bus services from San Jose, Costa Rica to somewhere near Lake Nicaragua (PeƱas Blancas, Costa Rica or Rivas, Nicaragua). Indeed following up on the bus company websites one finds the information below. Note that ticket costs often don't include immigration taxes to enter/exit Costa Rica and Nicaragua. At the time of ...


The procedure for exiting the US is the same as the procedure for exiting a movie theater: walk through the door and you are out. If a toddler is physically capable of getting himself over the border, the US government will not stop him. The airlines have their own procedures for dealing with unaccompanied children, but no airline would consider a ...


This document on the US Department of Transportation website seems to have answers to your questions. When kids travel alone The gist of the document suggests that you may both still be considered as "Unaccompanied Minors" and will have to follow airline specific procedures.

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