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The standard "on-the-spot fine" for minor and/or imaginary traffic infractions while white is Rp. 50,000. Indonesians may get away with less, the average bule will need to haggle to get even that low. I'd advise you to reconsider renting a scooter though. First, you do need that license to drive legally, and any insurance you may have is likely ...


Following up on Jpatokal's answer. After staying for a month or so in Bali, I got stopped two times by a police control. Each time they asked for a bribe of 200'000 IDR to let me go. The first time I only had 100'000 IDR in my wallet, they ended up accepting it. The second time I was ready with a dedicated pocket having only 50'000 IDR, and they ended up ...

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