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As noted elsewhere, you cannot take the price of a single itinerary on a single route on a single date and make conclusions about rail travel on a single service compared to rail travel on an entire continent. Even if you could, it would not hold. I tried some bookings for 27 February at 0800. Amtrak's Acela Express would be $78. SNCF quotes me 70 EUR (~96 ...


Travelling by train in Europe is not necessarily cheaper, so your premise is false. Some examples on flexible tickets: Bern-Geneva (160 km) will cost you 49 CHF per direction per person, meaning 200 CHF = 225 USD Flexible Madrid - Ciudad Real (186 km) round trip is almost 75€ per person (two persons: 150€ = 206 USD). Flexible Norrköping - Stockholm (162 ...


I'll answer for the Québec part of it since I'm a local: The 15 will be much quicker but route 133 which we call Route des Patriotes here is very nice and you could take it up to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu if coming from Vermont. And try not to get to Montreal at traffic hour, it can take quite a while to get on the island.


It's a matter of preference, the Vermont route is a little bit faster, though a little plain in my opinion. I prefer the NY route because the scenery varies, you get to see mountains (Adirondacks) and lakes, the road isn't just a straight stretch and there are plenty of rest areas and service stops. The 87 becomes the 15 in Quebec which is a highway. Those ...

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