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You can buy the 4G SIM card in Telkomsel Grapari in Jakarta and Bali, read here under "Terms and Conditions". You can find the address list here.


I only have experience of 3G coverage in Indonesia with Indosat & Telkomsel. So I will only discuss those mobile providers. I tried those providers in remote areas (Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Flores) and also in big cities. Long story short: Telkomsel wins. Indosat Basically, Indosat is "ok" but I found it to be very unreliable in many places. ...


I have tried them all over the past years and finally I chose Three for the following reasons: Prices are acceptable and there are wide variety of packages. You can check the credit and data balance by visiting a webpage (http://internet.tri.co.id) without any password, no need for SMS or some *???# commands. Inactivity period is 1 year, while with other ...


If you're particularly worried about a specific area, for comparison, I managed to find some coverage maps on Sensorly: Coverage map for Telkomsel 2G-3G Coverage map for Three - 2G-3G Note that on either of those, you can change the drop down on the right for (at time of writing) five providers, to see their coverage.


Commonly, emergency phone numbers like 911 in the US or 112 in most European countries can not be called from abroad. Even within the country, emergency calls are usually handled completely different in the phone network, allowing the calls to be connected with priority, routed to the closest dispatcher centre and passing on details about the caller like ...

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