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According to the Columbuese airports association: The tax for domestic flights is 19USD. The tax for international flights is 39USD. Whether or not it's included in your ticket depends on the airline.


My suggestion is to book something for 1-2 weeks on airbnb, at a hotel or hostel, or something similar. Then, during your first couple of weeks there, make some connections and look for people renting a spare bedroom. I've never been to Colombia, but I've done this in Mexico, Portugal and Cuba with good success. How to find rooms for rent varies greatly ...


There's no one answer to this question applicable to every place on the planet and, really, it's just common sense. :) Every big city will have service providers that can get you a long-stay, at a price, but for less then the cost of a hotel. If you speak the language and can put in the time, finding your own place will obviously be cheaper. AirBNB and ...

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