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After completing the travel without incident, I can confirm that Indian citizens with a valid non-tourist USA visa are indeed exempted from certain visa requirements to travel to Colombia. I faced no issue at the airport or immigration, as both airport staff and border agents were aware of the rule.


If you are US citizen, no. The airplane won't let you on board. If you are a Colombian citizen, and the USA doesn't want you to stay in the USA, they will likely find a way to get you to Colombia without a passport. If you are citizen of an unrelated country (say British), the USA won't mind, but the airline won't let you on board. You should immediately ...


You should have immediately reported the loss of your passport to your embassy. For details on doing this, click here Passports: A passport valid for six months is required by all nationals referred to in the chart above to enter Colombia. So no, you cannot enter Colombia without a passport if you are one of the above nationalities, which I ...

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