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Given that some airlines even give you a complimentary pyjama when flying in first class I'd say that it would be perfectly legal for you to wear one on the plane. Worst case scenario you'll get some looks from other passengers. Go ahead and fly comfortable.


Yes, you can wear your pajamas during a flight. You might get some strange looks, but there is nothing wrong with wearing them. Other options would be a 'sweat suit' with elastic at the waist and a t-shirt and hoodie for the top.


"If I don't feel like a king on this boat, I'm gonna be one mad mo-fo". Sounds like you're setting yourself up for disappointment, expectation wise, but anyway 25 pairs of underwear and socks takes up little room, you could just bring them if it makes you feel better. Self-serve laundry sounds a bit painful as one of the other comments indicated- finding ...


Why not? They do a pretty good job too. I ran out of laundry detergent while away for a 2 month travel and unfortunately nearby shop ran out of laundry detergent (it was in an isolated area). I substituted by using Lux bath soaps (they are all that's available). Leave my clothes smelling good and got rid of the stains too. I rub the soap on the wet ...


I have followed several long distance walkers, one on a blog and an other in the book they published about it, as well as seeing blog items that I do not follow long term. They use wheeled transports, dragged behind them, for parts of their trip or even for the whole. Here is a link to the blog I followed. Only a small part is in English, but it is enough ...


Preface: I'm not a designer or a clotheshorse so these descriptions may be a bit rough Abaya just means "cloak"; there are many kinds of abaya, just like there are many kinds of jackets/coats. Just like most other things, the interpretation of the abaya varies differently from one region to the next. For example in the UAE abayas have large flowing sleeves ...


It's actually really easy and common, it turns out. Pity, as I bought a suit in Canada in advance. If you come out of Sa'adi metro station, and walk west - between the station and Ferdowsi avenue on both sides, there are a LOT of suit hire places. Many of them have tuxes as their show pieces in the window, but have regular suit hire too. I've seen it ...

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