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In the end I chose to buy a pair of the lesser known Hanwag Togiak GTX shoes. They seem much lighter and more breathable than the other shoes I've seen, while they are still in the B category. Other shoes I considered are Jack Wolfskin Impulse Texapore O2+Id, Lowa Phoenix GTX Mid and the Hanwag Comox GTX, all of which are in the B category. I found that ...


There's another thread which talks about this here: Ideas for versatile clothes in northern India The link explains that a simple Pashmina can be versatile for cold weather, a windcheater is also useful but essentially it is possible to buy some suitable clothes that you need there, rather than packing them


I got this link which claims to have averaged the temperature data across months in the town of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. It might not be snowy but expect chillness in the air - definitely at night. I don't think you need to pack clothes to withstand freezing winter. You do not need snow boots or thick jackets. As for what you need, you could decide for ...


T-shirt and jeans or shorts are absolutely OK for just sightseeing (of course as long as weather permits and as long as you don't have any really strange image on your T-shirt). It might be not OK for theaters, high-end restaurants, etc, where a more formal dress is expected. Churches also often have a more strict dress-code. Usually it is long trousers (...

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