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Your Vancouver Island to Prince Rupert sounds like it will be by ferry, in which case having a pile jacket and/or windbreak shell (rain parka also works) will be good to have if you want to be out on deck to enjoy and photograph the sites. These same items (pile jacket, rain parka) will come in handy in the Rockies, as it will likely be crisp at night. And ...


Buy new underwear for as little as 1 or 2 dollars. I'm not suggesting "waste money", but you must be spending some amount of money X on this adventure. (As others have pointed out, net access is hardly free.) It's extremely unlikely the low cost of underwear would be a significant portion of the overall cost. Also, as others have pointed out (eg, Do ...


If you have a couple of shorts with different length with you, you can use the shortest pair as underwear. Or even better, use swimwear - at least that dries quicker after washing them. There's also: - Ask a friend - Ask a teacher - Ask a random stranger Personally I'd just wash them, you might need to improvise with soap or shampoo. It's what I do on ...


For upper body, you’ll need a windproof, breakable jacket and a medium jacket full of down or synthetic fill. For lower body, you'll need a pair of gore-tex windproof, waterproof and breathable trousers. Some medium weight polar fleece trousers, some medium weight thermal leggings, a pair of walking trousers (not cotton), some nylon shorts (not cotton) ...


You're at football camp? Someone else brought extra underwear. Barter for them.


This may work Folding Fancy Lingerie


Inspired by the same-day delivery answer, I remembered there's a service called "Magic" where you basically text them what you want and they quote a price: We have trained operators standing by 24/7 to answer every one of your requests. Send us a text message, and we'll get you what you want. We'll order what you need from the appropriate service (e.g. ...


From the Department of Agriculture - Arriving in Australia page, there's a section for "Other items" that states: used sporting and camping equipment including tents, footwear, hiking boots, golf equipment and bicycles (need to be checked to ensure they are clean and free from soil contamination) It should be sufficient to clean your shoes ...


I'm assuming your at the 2015 BC Football High School Camp (Session II) - (quick Google search). Funny they did not list underwear in the Things to Bring section. On this page it mentions a Camp Store. Talk to someone at the store to see if they can pick some up for you. If money is an issue, have them contact someone (parent) who can figure that part out. ...


I'm surprised that nobody mentioned the infamous "flip them around" technique. Arguably you can use one pair of boxers for four days if you flip them inside out and front to back. Indeed boxers, and tighty-whities, have two degrees of freedom which produce four possible rotations. This doesn't really work with thongs due to the difference in surface area ...


Wash them in the sink before you sleep, let them dry as much as possible until the morning, if they are not dry by then, iron them a bit and they will be dry. If you can't get a hold of an iron, then put them in front of the A/C or the heater, do not block the airway totally, just let the air pass through the boxers and it will make them dry in no time.


(A few years late, but) My favourite travelling hats are these squashy hats that roll up into a supplied bag, with a sprung coil around the edge, made of suede, leather, kangaroo or canvas, by Barmah of Australia. I think this UK distributor has a better website than the manufacturer. Prices are something like £33 (canvas), £40-50 (leather), £65 (kangaroo). ...


Whenever the topic of packing something in an optimal way comes up, it's useful to see if the Navy has anything to say about it. The Navy is a good place to look because sailors need to be especially diligent about packing economically, and women sailors are no exception. Specifically, women in the US Navy are issued 11 bras and should have 2 in their ...


Use sport bras which can be folded whatever way you want, scrunched up even. I never needed to be careful with bras when packing, most of the time my bras fill the things I have to be careful with.


Pad it with socks and underwear. (default strategy) Pack them near the top. (not sure how helpful this really is in actual execution since you can't control baggage handling after check-in...) Stack them. (strength in numbers! my go-to move.) Fold one cup inside another. (I see this everywhere in FlyerTalk forums but according to experts, this actually ...


She can dress like stewardess, may look similar with her dressing. there will some things which will differentiate her from the real steward and the crew wont have any concern. the real steward got pin etc.... (look unique).


You might want to checkout the Wedding Ceremony Sequence on this link and it will give you an idea or an overview on how a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony is done in the Philippines. For dress code, since you are already in the Philippines, try wearing their national dress for males which they call, the Barong Tagalog.


I am allergic to all detergents except Cheer. Not sure what it is that makes me react with the rest but, I have found that Cheer doesnt hurt me. So, if you are still at a loss it may be worth a try.


i suggest you to wear these following hats 1.Panama Hat baseball-style cap Panama Hat Panama Hats are the best hats ever made. The incomparable material they are crafted from, toquilla straw, makes them light as a feather, fresh for a warm sunny day, and stylish with any attire. Worn by world leaders, Hollywood stars, singers and celebrities, Panama ...


You can use a Baseball cap, but having an umbrella would be good. It will completely protect you from sunburn and sweating. And most companies have AC, you aren't supposed to be in the sun very long.


It is ok to dress "like" a stewardess on a flight. That is to say, it is okay to wear a dress or clothing similar to what stewardesses would wear. Now stewardesses also were pins, badges, etc. for identification. These are the items that separate the "real thing" from "counterfeits." Don't wear these accouterments to actually identify yourself as something ...


It really depends how well the uniform matches. I have inadvertently looked nearly identical to one of the male cabin attendants, right down to the glasses and (lack of) hair. Passengers were asking me all kinds of questions, and in most cases I knew the answers, so... The real attendant thought it was hilarious. However, in normal lighting no one would ...


It is not customary to rent a suit or a tux in Iran. I think it is very hard to find a rental place and even if you find one, you probably will not like the style and the quality because these places are for people who can't afford a suit. Also, I doubt that any of these places (if there is one) has an online service. You will save a lot of time and effort ...


I live in Iran and I know Persian. To tell "suit rental" you must search: اجاره كت و شلوار عروسي تهران اجاره كت و شلوار مجلسي تهران كرايه كت و شلوار رسمي تهران This may help you. Thank you for coming to our country!

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