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For travel weather, I like to use weatherspark.com. Here is a link for the average weather in Melbourne: http://weatherspark.com/averages/34069/Melbourne-Victoria-Australia The average temperatures and rainfall, taken from that page, are shown below.


It's currently summer. Seasons in Australia are the opposite of the northern hemisphere, so if it's winter in the northern hemisphere, it's summer here. I lived in Melbourne last year, and even when it is summer (and it gets really, really hot) cool changes can come through fast, and temperatures can drop. Bring summer clothes, but you'd be mistaken to not ...


It's going to vary so much from ship to ship - back in the day it was easier, but these days there's such variety. CruiseCritic has a list of dress-codes by cruise line for about a dozen cruises, that's probably about the best list or method you're going to get. Alternatively you can google each cruise ship and add the search term 'dress code' but that ...


There is really no real reason why you can't use bar soap for laundry (at least for hand laundry.) It wouldn't be practical at the laundrette/laundromat because you'd need it either flaked or in liquid form to work with the machines (a little grater might help with this; grate into powder and either "melt" it in some hot water to make a liquid detergent or ...

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