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Inside the airport transit zone the temperature is normal, and you probably do not need a coat there. However, you should remember, that some airlines don't use the jetway/airbridge, so you might have to travel between the terminal and the aircraft by using a shuttle bus. Those buses are super cold inside.


It should definitely be enough but you should take the warm jacket with you just in case. But you can judge yourself. Temperature Averages in Paris in November are about 7°C (41°F) and it can be quite rainy (15 rainfall days in december as seen on holiday-weather.com). A rainjacket is advised, but depends on your personal preference. If you don't mind ...


When I visited Switzerland, the wind was chilly and it was raining. Personally, not the best combination. Just remember to bring a jacket with you to fight it. Check the weather in advance too. In general, I don't think the Swiss are that into fashion. If you don't want to stick out, don't dress like an Eskimo and don't wear brands that stand out. You ...

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