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It'll be cloudy, probably windy, with some rain every now and then. Sunset is around 16:30 to 17:00 depending on when in November, so it's dark early. Rain usually doesn't last long, it shouldn't stop you from cycling around. But the wind is always there so a good coat is helpful.


According to wikipedia, in November, the average precipitation is 87.2mm. There are 13 days with ≥ 1 mm of precipitation, an average of 3 snow days, 61.7 mean monthly sunshine hours, and the humidity... 89%.


I'd say weather-wise November is probably the worst month to visit Amsterdam. You can expect rain or drizzle almost at any and all times. Together with strong winds. Temperatures might not even be very low on paper (from 5ºC to 10ºC if you're lucky, but heck, right now it's 10ºC in the middle of August), but the chill factor from wind and rain makes it feel ...


Living there (well, near there) plan on plenty rain, cool but not usually cold temperatures (nights in November MAY drop below freezing, but not much, daytime peaks can be 10-15C), and mild winds. So long trousers (or ditto skirts), and a light to medium (depending on how well you handle such temperatures) coat, plus an umbrella. No need for winter gear, ...

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