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For men, shorts aren't acceptable in public areas. T-shirts are ok (except in mosques). The only place were you will see people wearing shorts is around beach areas. So men's legs have to be covered... In mosques, men usually have to wear long-sleeved shirts rather than t-shirts.


Went to a wedding in Iran last year, and then travelled around for two weeks. Shorts - definitely only at the beach. This was difficult in July/August, but it's just the way. I'm not sure at what age this applies - kids were wearing shorts, but no adult males, at all. Otherwise, tshirt and jeans/chinos were fine, although a lot of the Iranian men wore ...


If you're obviously a foreigner, you'll get away with much more than Iranians. You won't find many (any?) Iranians wearing shorts, and even when doing sports in a 'regular' public space, shorts aren't nearly as common as track suits. This, though, would be different at a venue specifically designed for sports. You will see Iranian men wearing ...

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