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Galway is a great place to visit and stay. In the beautiful West of Ireland and with a strong tradition of music and the arts. City wise it is one of the nicest to go to in the country.


Well, according to traditional Norwegian myths, Santa Claus lives on the North Pole, as l0b0 says in his answer. However, in many parts of the world, if you do send a letter addressed to: Santa Claus The North Pole It will end up in Drøbak, where Santa will answer every single letter (note, in many countries (for instance the US) they send it elsewhere). ...


According to Norwegian myth, Santa Claus lives on the North Pole. I am not aware of any references in Norwegian fiction to Santa Claus living in a specific city, either in Norway or other countries, although the Wikipedia article mentions both Drøbak and Longyearbyen. I'm Norwegian, if that's a good enough source :)


Additionally, many hotels do let you check in early. You might check with the hotel you have already booked. Ask them in advance if they allow early check-in, and if there's any charge. They may say there isn't early check-in, but you can check again when you arrive at the hotel the morning of your reservation. I have found that if they have rooms available ...


Promoting a comment to an answer I think what you want is a Day Use Rate. Not all hotels offer them, but many do, especially around airports. As the name suggests, it's the use of a room in the hotel during the day, but not overnight. Typically, you'll have to be out by late afternoon, so that the room can be cleaned in time for a guest to use it from ...


Well this is one good thing about backpacker hostels. In a hostel you still may need to wait until check in time, but they should always have one or more common areas with couches, beanbags, hammocks, deckchairs, etc. where you can doze off. They also have shared bathrooms so you can have a shower almost any time. This doesn't mean you have to sleep in a ...


LOL! If you want immersion in Chinese culture then Johor Bahru and Penang are very good choices. You named the 2 most Chinese town of Malaysia. Go to the east coast instead. To Kota Bahru then slowly travel south. Unfortunately, I think it is the rainy season now. You can also stay in KL but move to Kampung Bahru (not far from the Petronas tower). You can ...

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