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According to the Belarusian Airlines website: Is the transit visa needed? According to the information, obtained from National airport Minsk border guard service: Those passengers, who travel in transit through Minsk, do not need the Belarusian transit visa, if the following conditions are fulfilled: passengers have a valid passport and ...


I have travelled through out "Europe" may times on four wheels and two wheels and have never been stopped in-between countries. The so-called borders are closed and all countries have "free" movement through out the EU.


What you have is a common format residence permit. It looks very much like a Dutch national ID card (same format and general appearance, but the colours are different) and is actually a valid ID for many purposes within the Netherlands. It even says "Identiteitsbewijs" on the card itself, which is arguably a little confusing. What EU law calls a "national ...


Yes, it seems plausible, but you have to comply with all of the AVR requirements: not ever being out of status your SEVIS record must be current and active and others per CBP Couple suggestions Layover means entering US and exiting US. You will deal with US immigration (CBP) in Toronto pre-flight inspection. From personal experience with AVR, you ...

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