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Requiring an extra visa or exit permit from citizens is not very common today but historically, that's why passports were invented (and not to restrict immigration) and the reason for that is simple: a large population was seen as the bedrock of power. You need many young people (and especially men) for labor-intensive industries and for the army. In many ...


Hopefully this wont provoke any politically charged responses, but I believe it (at least to some minor extent) has to do with keeping Chinese people in China. It's very well known that the living conditions in some parts of China, and in some professions (think factory workers) are very bad compared to most of the western world. If you look at ...


Here is a really interesting site that attempts to explain all the problems that Chinese citizens suffer in order to travel abroad: Much of it seems to be down to difficulty and cost of acquiring a passport and visas. Passport acquisition: Requires multiple visits to home province irrespective of where the ...


For a short term visit of less than six months, Australia does not usually require medical examinations, except under certain circumstances. In addition, there are special circumstances surrounding particular threats to public health, such as tuberculosis, HIV, yellow fever, polio, and Ebola. In particular, the following are said about tuberculosis and ...


When passing through passport control in Finland, simply Show the refusal letter. Since it contains the date by which the Swedish Migration board has ordered you to Exit Schengen, you would not be treated as an overstayer even if your visa is expired


Copenhagen is in Denmark, and Helsinki in Finland. For border purposes, Denmark and Finland are actually in the same "Country", called the Schengen Area (or Schengen for short). Therefore Copenhagen-Helsinki flights are practically domestic, so you only clear Immigration in Helsinki - that's when you exit Schengen.

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