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No, they won't. Unless they have specific reasons (such as a tip-off) that you are trying to smuggle illegal materials (porn, propaganda etc for distribution in China), they will not care about this. They primarily focus is on security-relevant issues and items for which you need to pay duty. I never in my life had anyone check documents, laptop, cellphone ...


I crossed into China last year overland, it was a small border crossing and the border guards had a lot of time and took their time to look through things. There were a bunch of people crossing with me and in no case did the guards look at the content/data of Laptops, tablets or e-readers. What they did however is spending some time at looking at photos on ...


I've only been through customs at Shanghai and they've never looked at any of my electronics. I've always been carrying a laptop, in recent years I've always been carrying a DSLR (although the memory cards have always been basically empty--I copy the pictures off soon after I take them. This has nothing to do with customs) and a Kindle.


Each year there are ~ 55 million inbound international tourists visiting China, the US has 66 million. Source: World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) It's neither feasible nor necessary for the government customs authorities to examine your books and electronic devices unless you act really suspiciously. I'm not saying that it's impossible for them to do ...

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