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The area next to Hong Kong-China Boundary in Hong Kong is Frontier Closed Area. Only permitted people can access it. If you want to cross the boundary, the cheapest way is Huangbus (皇巴士) from Huanggang Port to San Tin Public Transport Interchange. It costs $9 HKD, paid by cash or Octopus card. Dont expect to hitchhike in GuangDong. Each year many drivers ...


Hong Kong consists of a number of islands, and also a sizeable chunk of mainland, called the New Territories. The New Territories are the larger part of Hong Kong, but also the least densely populated, least interesting and least visited. Kowloon is a more populated and residential area, also part of the mainland, surrounded by the New Territories. Shenzhen ...


China and Hong Kong offer so many hostels so I am sure that you will not have trouble finding the hostel. But if it is your first time in China, you should book a room a few days in advance because it's easier for you to visit a strange city for the first time if you have some plan of where to go.


From my experience travelling in China. I usually go to local agency to buy train tickets and they will sort everything out for you. I bought tickets from Beijing to Shanghai before so I can speak from my experience. I got the tickets before I travelled 2-3 days because I speak little Chinese and I find myself stranded trying to explain what I want at the ...

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