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$350 HK for a 4 working day one. I did this last week, Monday afternoon to Thursday noon. 2 entries is 100 more. The agency I used is FBT, the standard price is $450, but you can print out a $100 discount coupon from their website and bring it along when you pick up the visa and pay. I was in China for 60 days last year, for this reason they said a new ...


It takes 7 working days, so normally 9 days due to weekends. It costs ¥160 CNY. The passport photo needed is special, with a blue background. You can get a set for ¥33 CNY in the building. Applying on the 2nd last day of your current visit is not a problem! The office is very efficient, and waiting times one short, despite the large number of people.


You'll be fine. While all Etihad flights to the US require APIS information, it can be provided on check-in at Beijing. Alternatively, to speed up things a bit, she can likely log into Etihad's site to manage her flight and enter the information there.


I applied and got an 30 day L visa for China in August 2014, while in the country I got an extension for another 30 days. Last week (late July 2015) I applied for a new 30 day L visa for China in Hong Kong, the guys at the agency I used said it is likely the request will be refused and they recommended applying for a 15 days visa which will be more likely ...

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