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Speaking from experience (2 double-entry visas for me, and a few multi-entry visas for someone else), there's definitely both an entry and an exit stamp for each entry. Of course, there can always be exceptions - I don't think passport stamps are ever 100% reliable - some border agents may not know all the rules, etc. Some border crossings can be really ...


Looking at my passport, I can assure you that the standard is to stamp on each entry and on each exit - on the first empty page of the passport, not (necessarily) on the opposite page of the visa. Since multiple entry visa can last a year, and you might travel to other countries between your first and last visit on the visa, there might be other stamps and ...


Yes, you can enter again as long as the Enter before date has not been passed, that's the whole point of it. I don't have an official link for this. I have been refused entry (into China) once specifically because that date had been passed (on a dual entry visa and the second entry)


Yes, they need to send someone to one of a number of possible government offices. They'll have to show a reason for inviting a foreigner, do paperwork, and pay fees. Going to the provincial capital is not necessary, but it is entirely possible that a small town wouldn't have the right office. If you'll permit me a gross over-generalization, this won't be ...

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