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Finding suitable souvenirs for office distribution (会社用バラマキお土産) is a problem of every Japanese traveller, but this article in Japanese has lots of tried and tested ideas for Beijing. To quickly summarize: China-only variants of Japanese candy, like banana milk or wine & chocolate Pocky. Even Chinese packaging of "normal" Japanese candy is unusual and ...


I did some research and while it used to be possible to get this in Macau in the past, the company most people suggested: CTS does not offer this service anymore. They suggested their Hong Kong office. I contacted a different agency in HK suggested in another post on travel.stackexchange FBT, they said they don't need hotel bookings or return flights. ...


Chinese citizens have an yearly limitation on the foreign currencies they can acquire (50,000 USD) but looks like that foreigners are not allowed to acquire foreign currency. Banks are instructed by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (http://www.safe.gov.cn/) to don't permit tourists to convert from RMB to their foreign currency (but they allow ...


You should not have an issue finding a good hotel in Shanghai or Hong Kong. There are plenty of them in both cities and they are well advertised, especially to tourists. For you it would come down to prices. With early planning, you can easily find very good hotels for a fair price. Both of these two cities are very expensive but if you dont mind the ...


You'll be fine. While all Etihad flights to the US require APIS information, it can be provided on check-in at Beijing. Alternatively, to speed up things a bit, she can likely log into Etihad's site to manage her flight and enter the information there.


Bank of China just let me convert Renminbi to $500 US. They did not ask where I got the Renminbi, and in particular did not ask me to show withdrawal receipts for it. They set a $500 limit. I did not ask if I could convert more tomorrow. But in 2007 you could even go to another bank the same day and convert another $500. I did that in 2007.


Air China seems to have a policy in place for the batteries (or generally termed power banks) 10000mAh should amount to 36WH or 50Wh depending on whether the batteries are rated 3.6V or 5V. However still, policy says that 2 batteries are allowed that shouldn't exceed 160Wh. EDIT: As identified by @DCTLib below, only two spare batteries are allowed in cabin ...

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