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My recent experiences trying out different ATMS (around Rancagua) are the following: CorpBanca / Ita├║: 3000clp Banco de Chile / Banco CrediChile: 3500clp Scotiabank: 3500clp Banco Estado: 4000clp (they didn't charge anything extra a few months ago, but now I've tried several and they all want 4000) :-( BBVA: 4100clp BCI: 4738clp Santander / Banefe: 5000clp ...


I recently (last month) stayed for a few nights at Hostal Estado (on the pedestrian section of Estado between Gamero and O'Carroll), cellphone: 82514972 for a few nights for 10000clp/night, just me in a tiny room with shared bathroom (bring your own toilet paper), but it was centrally-located and had good wifi. (I had a feeling, though, that it might have ...

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