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Ok, the comments have given a suggestion about booking another berth, which is impractical if you are concerned that the baby may actually roll over. Some practical tips to consider You can either book a first class or a 2-tier AC berth (if you are travelling 3 tier AC already and are considering a second ticket for the kid, it may work out cheaper to ...


Yes, every person on the aircraft needs a ticket. For one, the passenger manifest will be inaccurate if your infant is not ticketed. However "infant without a seat" fares are typically steeply discounted (90% discount) or even free. You should investigate with the airline.


If the infant is going to be held in your lap for the entire flight, then they are charged the infant rate. SAA charges about 10% of the adult fare for an infant flying domestically. If you are bringing a car seat for the infant to use during the flight, they would need their own seat and would be charged more for the seat (child's fare). Other carriers ...


That's different for every airline but typically one adult may hold one under two year child in their lap for free.


Upgrades on long hauls are usually only offered when economy is oversold and there are no re-routing options for passengers they have to bump. They are not common and the chances of your mother reaching the top of an upgrade que is next to zero. When choosing who gets upgraded, elite frequent flyers get the highest priority, ordered by their elite level ...


The answer to your question is complicated. Almost all major carriers will offer discounts on some routes in some directions to children under 12 under some circumstances. It is a matter of what the market demands (or will tolerate), not what the airline feels like. For instance for a while British Airways earlier in the year, offered children free travel ...

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