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I would have expected you to have posted an answer from personal experience by now but instead Tavport.com has details of baby care rooms in Lounges.


I wouldn't recommend talking a toddler to any of the museums inside the peace park. My group (which were all mid-20s males) were pretty shaken by some of the stuff, and there were things that I wouldn't want to show a child just yet (the effects of radiation on people, there's a display that has mannequins of what people looked like post detonation), and ...


Some airlines/airplanes have dedicated spaces for baby cradles/bassinets, usually placed in front of the seats at the border between plane sections. This is true in particular for long-haul flights, since the planes tend to be bigger. Each airplane has its own mounting system with the compatible bassinet. Below is a picture of what I am talking about: ...


You can use child carriers like the Ergo Baby carriers for transporting your infant on and off the plane, but they not appropriate to use while seated / seat belted. Once you are on the plane, the safest position for your infant is in a car seat (but that means buying a seat for the infant, unless you are lucky and have a half empty flight) or being held in ...

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