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Yes, it does have a breakfast available in the dining car, no reservations needed. Breakfast starts at 6:30am and is normally available until 10:00am. If the train is on time, it should be arriving in LA sometime around 9:30am on the second morning and the breakfast service will end shortly before then. You should still have plenty of time to head to ...


Midway is very walkable, though there's a good bit of traffic so the surrounding areas aren't the nicest place to walk, but there are exits and sidewalks. You might exit directly from the terminal onto Cicero, but there are few options where you could both wait comfortably in case of rain or snow or where a car could safely stop out of traffic. A good ...


Never been to Chicago Midway, but looking at satellite view on Google maps shows access from the airport into the CTA Midway subway station. The station is a couple hundred metres away from W59th street, and one of those cafes you mentioned seem to be just across the road from it: So with my assumption being that if you can enter the subway station on ...


I know you asked for a taxi and I may have missed your reasoning behind it. have you considered the L? I've taken it several times and it goes to more places than you think. Pink line station at s Cicero.

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