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Train, hands down. It's the way to travel in India, unless you're in such a blazing hurry that you need to fly (and you don't appear to be). Trains are: cheaper, as you've already discovered, even in the AC sleeper class (you'll want to steer clear of non-AC as a first-timer in India) more comfortable, since the rails are smooth and you can move around ...


I would pick Pune for a few reasons: A smaller version of Mumbai- this means that it has bustling IT and BPO sectors (Hinjawadi IT park). I know that you already have a job but it's always nice to have the opportunity to attend events and seminars where you could meet like minded people. Additionally, you are a 30 minute flight or a 4-5 hour drive away ...


Think train would be a better option. Buses might pass through cities and highways, which might not offer all the views you ar looking for. AC buses also have closed tinted windows and have less stops compared to trains. Trains do slowdown and stop during the journey, should give better photo-ops.


The quickest route between Chennai and Amritsar would be to take a train to Delhi - which, depending on the train, would take 1-3 days to reach Delhi, and from Delhi onwards to Amritsar by bus or train. Train tickets are priced according to travel class, class of train, and distance so the costs vary, but you can expect to pay Rs 200-600 for most 'sleeper ...


There are two options for you - Via Kolar & Chittor which is shorter by 30KMs but slower due to two lane roads and no toll. Via Krishnagiri & Vellore, quicker but one need to pay toll. There are 5 toll booths between Bangalore and Chennai via Krishnagiri. Toll keeps varying as the toll operators keep changing the toll every 4-6 months.


Air India will not provide overnight accommodation on this route. I think All Nippon were the last to offer such a service, but even they have stopped it now


I have actually spent 1 year in both Pune and Chennai working for an IT company and i hope my experience would be helpful to you Chennai is city which has over the past few years become more cosmopolitan than it was a decade ago. But still if you are not aware of South Indian languages such as Tamil, Telegu etc. you will have a hard time communicating in ...


It sounds like you have two options, according to Airport-desk: There are baggage lockers in the airport which you can safely store items in. Failing that, you can store them at a desk as well, and the site suggests asking at any of the information desks at the airport for where to find these.


I would recommend Pune as I am from Pune. You said you are coming for work so Pune is the best option you have instead of Chennai. And who said Pune don't have it's own airport but it is not International Airport but Mumbai is just 2 and half hour away from Pune. Pune is Hub for IT and Education. All over and some abroad people comes to Pune for education ...

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