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On eBay Germany there are many sellers of German SIM cards with shipping abroad, just check this category: http://www.ebay.de/sch/SIM-Karten-/29778/i.html P.S. I actually had a German ALDI Talk SIM card, and then after not using it at all for 21 months (not even being in Germany, and not putting the SIM card in the phone), I was back in Germany and found ...


i used a lebara sim card in germany and the internet works really good. maybe this will be a opportunity for you. I found the card here beachsim


It all depends on your needs and how long will you need the SIM card. If you intend to throw the card away after your stay, it pretty much doesn't matter which provider you choose, they are quite close price-wise on prepaid cards. If you want to keep the card for re-use on later visits to Germany, then it may be important to check how long the SIM card ...


Yes there are booths from mobile providers at the airport. You can also get SIMs at mobile shops in the city.


Try searching in Amazon Germany "prepaid simkarte". This is just an example from the search result. Some sellers provide information regarding delivery fee (click on Internationale und Inlandsversandkosten). For example, the first seller charges 1.50€ to send the SIM card to Spain.


At least one company is shipping outside Germany: http://www.travel-sim-germany.com


The answer is yes, you can use a Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, or iPhone 6, or other unlocked LTE phones, in South Korea. This is better than the old days when Korea's adherence to the CDMA standard made it unlikely for outsiders to show up with a usable phone. I bought a SIM card from one of the several shops at Incheon International Airport (ICN) near Seoul. ...


As of 2017, while you may be roaming, (EU) operators will no longer be able to charge additional roaming charges within the EU, per EU law. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/oct/27/europe-abolishes-mobile-phone-roaming-charges

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