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My list is: Laptop Unlocked iPhone Cash Credit Cards Look respectable These days you can get SIM cards for iPhones pretty much everywhere. Then you can usually use the "Personal Hotspot" function on the iPhone to share the connection. Make sure you keep the SIM card after you go home as it is usually easier to get top-ups when you return than to keep ...


All major Korean cell-phone network providers (SKT,KT,LG) have their booth at the airport. They rent cell phones with daily charges. If you can read Korean, look here. You can also rent data sharing devices called egg (KT) or bridge (SKT). You can use them to get wifi wherever you can get cell service.


Just to update: I bought the ALDI Talk SIM in Germany last summer. It was one of those regular SIMs with a detachable micro SIM, so after popping out the micro SIM, it worked fine in my Nexus 4. I registered with the online form (and some help from Google Translate) and put in my hotel address and it activated fine.


You can disable the 2-factor authentication on your hotmail account. Microsoft offers a FAQ to describe how to do it: Sign in to your Microsoft account. Because you're changing sensitive info, you might be prompted to enter a security code. Check your phone or alternate email for the code, enter it, and tap or click Submit. Under Password and security ...

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