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First thing is to check to make sure your phone will work overseas. The USA uses different frequencies for voice calls than Asia, but the phones they market as "tri-band", "quad-band" or "international" will work outside the states. Many of the newer smart phones and phablets already cover the full spectrum, but check to be sure. Then pick up a pre-paid ...


So I was hoping somebody with more experience would answer, but since not... The short story is, SIM cards in the Philippines work a bit differently from many places: you pick your plan after buying the SIM card, and you can change them pretty much at will. I ended getting the Prepaid LTE SIM from Globe, which cost me the princely sum of 40 pesos ...


Although this was asked a long time ago, perhaps someone would find this useful. Orange has good services for international calls, you can get a prepaid SIM card, pay 6 euros and have unlimited minutes+sms in network, 500 minutes to other networks and other countries (US included), 500MB internet. These options change from time to time, but there is always ...


For UK you can use, their pay as you go credit doesn't expire and they say that they keep your SIM active for 6 months. I have it from Nov 2014 and didn't use it for almost 9 months and it was still active when I spend my Christmas holidays back home. They have low rates and the signal in good inside the city

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