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As of June 2016, I can confirm that a foreign non-resident can apply and receive a tourist visa to Russia in Tbilisi, Georgia. I've just picked mine up from the consulate. The process wasn't simple, and the application is long, but it is possible. There are some additional requirements for Australian citizens, requiring the application to be completed in ...


First of all, August and September are "two big differences", as they say in Odessa. September the 1st is the start of school year, so lots of families with children will end their vacations near end of August. The worst you can do is try to leave Crimea in the last week of August. On the other hand, getting there at the same days may be easier than usual. ...


You can easily determine what your wait times and everything else on the site of the Kerch ferry (Russian). Currently it lists wait time at 3 hours and you can see what the queue actually look like and guesstimate your own wait times on webcameras but as far as the border crossing is concerned: there aren't any.

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