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Since Cathay is HK ailines and all planes are registered in HK, so they follow HK law. Based on HK Law (Firearms And Ammunition Ordnance), spearfishing gun is arm. The Sect 2 of the ordinance consider any harpoon or spear gun, however powered or size, as arm. However the law does not rule the ammunition of spearfishing gun. Base on sect 8, you may take ...


Yes, you can, but the spear gun can only be taken in checked-in luggage. First, while not a firearm it's a projectile weapon nevertheless, and all airports forbid carrying such on board in carry-on baggage or on person. Second, TSA seems to consider spear guns as sporting goods that can be used as bludgeons. More info on TSA website


The Royal Jordanian Royal Plus partner airlines earning calculator looks to suffer the problem that most airline calculators do, which is they fail to update it often enough with the possible airports that their partners fly to Frankfurt is on their list for Cathay Pacific, and is a similar distance. Zurich-Hong Kong is 5776 miles / 9296 km, while ...


There is nothing strange about this. Depending on flight conditions or other restrictions, various services on flights have been disabled before. For example: Meal service is stopped if the flight is going through turbulent weather. People are restricted to move around the cabin during normal flight. Cabin lights may be turned on during night time ...


Cathay/Dragon air free baggage allowance is 20KG for Economic class, but my experience 2 weeks ago in Heathrow tells you can put not more than around 24KG. Cathay/Dragon extra bag charge is based on weight. It charges US$20 per KG from China(ZONE1) to Delhi(ZONE2), which means the extra bag costs you $460, around half of your ticket price

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