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Statistics show that the highest risk age group is the under 25's, and insurers work directly from statistics. The hire cost will be factored directly from type of car and insurance costs. All the majors and most of the small ones will do this - it's simple and easy for them. If you hunt around, you should be able to find a small insurer who will take into ...


The date on that Air Train map is July 28, 2008. Also, the map is hosted on the site of NJ Transit, which doesn't run the Air Train. The Air Train is a service of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. See That site indicates that Enterprise is at P3, as do Google Maps and the Enterprise site ...


I have checked with Cicar, one of the cheapest and reliable companies in Canary Island, and they told me that you can take the car to other island as long as you return it in the same island where you rented it. You don't have to pay extra money for this but you have to ask them for an authorization. This is what they answered to me about you question. ...


On the other side of Tokyo, near Hakone and Mt. Fuji, there is Fun2Drive which has a nice chart showing make/models available, along with recommended touring routes. Prices range from 5000-12000 yen for the first 90 minutes, depending on the car and duration


I don't know about the UK, but in the US there are several apps like GasBuddy which specifically list fuel stations. While they're not sufficiently specific to show 'last stop' only, if you simply search for the airport or somewhere nearby and then look on the map, it will show you all fuel stations nearby - and then you can pick whichever is convenient to ...


In Google Maps, while using the App to get directed for example to rental car return, you can search for locations 'on the way'. If you click 'Gas Stations', it shows gas stations along the way, with the amount of time the detour forces, and with their gas price (if known). It does not automatically select or offer the last possible one as you asked, but it ...


Speaking for France, The majority of payment cards that are issued are debit cards. Car rental agencies would be quickly out of business if they refused them.


Probably a question of insurances. Major credit cards (visa, MC, AMEX) are internationally recognized compared to your local bank debit card. (after a quick google regarding US rental with a debit card) When renting with a debit card, most agencies will do a credit check and that might not be possible when renting in Europe (even from a international ...


Try an exotics rental agency, like Omoshiro Rent-A-Car, omoshiroi being Japanese for "interesting". For example, their Chiba (Narita Airport) outlet has a bunch of interesting cars on offer, including a Toyota AE86, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Toyota MR-S, Toyota 86G, etc. (Note: there are multiple pages of listings, click on the little "次へ>>" to go to the next ...


You will of course Need a passport (or ID card if a European citizen), as well as all documents the rental company gives you. It's also highly recommended to ask the company for a green Card (which might cost extra) to avoid having to buy local insurance at the border: however, it's not valid for Kosovo


Switzerland has car rental companies like any other country. You only need a valid drivers license (from anywhere in the world), and a credit card. Typical daily car rental cost in Europe is 70 to 100 Euro, but often cheaper on special offers. In Switzerland, everything is a bit more expensive, so I would not expect to get away under 100 SFR per day; again,...


Have you considered using solutions like renting to individuals? There are few websites allowing you to rent cars from individuals rather than regular renting companies. You get the same insurance and coverage but it is usually cheaper. Links :


The rental agency is the only one who can answer this question. Technically, you could be driving a stolen car. Note, many agencies automatically allow spouses and business associates to drive a car without being specifically authorized on the rental agreement. You have to ask the agency about this.


Maybe too late for you... I found three cars in Corsica on that site: Locations Rétro Mariage.

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